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Welcome to manababgarutelangana.in, we provide service to you, subject to the following terms and conditions, which changes from time to time. Please follow the terms and conditions carefully before using our website www.manabangarutelangana.in.  People access to and use of service is depend upon on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These conditions will apply to all visitors and users and others who access our website.  And people who are  not obey with the term and conditions can’t access our website.

Links of other website

Our services links to third party website or services that are owned and controlled by manabangarutelangana.  Manabangarurtelangana has no operate over and assumes no responsibility for the content, or privacy policies, or any third parties websites or services. We further acknowledge that we are not responsible or liable either directly or indirectly for damages caused by the third party websites. We advice the visitors to read the terms and conditions when entering into the third party website.

Description of services

Manabangarutelanga.in currently provides the users to access the rich amount of collection, including various services like shopping services, and branded programs through its network properties. You may believe and agree that service may include advertisements and these advertisements are necessary for the website i.e. www.manabangarutelangana.in to provide honest service to the society. Please be aware that manabangarutelangana has some areas on service, for that access age limit should be above 18 years to view that area.

Your registration obligation

Usage of our service, you should agree to (provide reliable information, current& complete information, about yourself as promoted by the service registration form (such information being the “registration data”) and maintain and promptly update the registration date to keep it true, accurate, current and complete information. If you provide any unreasonable, inaccurate information to the manabangarutelangana.in we has right to suspend or terminate that information.

Manabangarutelangana. in privacy policy

Registration data and some other data about you is also subject to our privacy policy. For more information, see our full privacy policy at www.manabangarutelangana.in/privacy-and-policy/.

Members account, password security: After completion of registration you will get password and account designation. And you’re responsible to maintain the password very confidential. And we can’t blame for that and we are not liable for any damages arising from your failure to comply with sec5

Governing laws: These laws shall be governed and constructed in accordance with laws of telangana, with out regards to its conflict of provisions. If any provision violates the laws, it will be considered as invalid or unenforceable by court, the remaining provision of the terms will remain in effect. The terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and manabangarutelangana and govern you the use of service and super ceding any agreement between you and manabangarutelangana.in

Violation: please report any violations in terms and conditions.

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